Progressive women are lining up to run for office. Is Joe Biden really the Democrats’ best bet?

A state Senate candidate in my Indiana district articulates a clearer progressive agenda than any national Democrat

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Political Platform

Education funding

Currently Indiana is ranked 37th in the nation on school funding. The current system forces our public school districts to utilize referendums to raise funds.  I support greater investment at all levels of education to make sure today's students are well-qualified for their futures.

environmental legislation

We are fortunate to have amazing natural resources like Lake Michigan and the Indiana Dunes in our region.  If eventual climate change causes people to migrate away from coastal cities and move inland, we are well-poised to capture that growth.  We need to dedicate funds to clean up and protect our water, land and air quality.  If Indiana committed to environmental leadership, it would ensure a higher quality of life for our citizens and attract the businesses of the future, which will bring high paying jobs.

clean energy businesses

Indiana has wind, biofuel and solar resources. We are geographically positioned to become a leader in renewable energy.  However, only 1.43% of the state work force currently is employed in these high-paying, future-oriented renewable occupations.  We need to embrace clean and renewable energy technologies by passing legislation that promotes growth in these industries instead of laws like net metering that obstructs it's advancement.

equal rights

Indiana lags in protecting it's citizens from crimes motivated by race, religion, color, gender, or sexual orientation.  I support legislation that would create stiff penalties for hate crimes.

good paying jobs

NWI's idea for good paying jobs is send Hoosiers to Chicago to work, then bring the paychecks back to Indiana (All while paying income taxes to Illinois!). We need to find a way to attract high paying jobs to NWI

Part of that solution is ensuring that our young people are educated and ready for jobs of the future.

transparency and ethics

Openness, accountability and honesty define government transparency.  Transparency is a government obligation to share information with it's citizens.  It is at the heart of how citizens hold their public officials accountable.Citizens need to have trust that their elected officials will act in their best interest.  Elected officials should have high ethical standards to do the work of the people with integrity.  Accepting bribes, not disclosing campaign contributions or capitalizing on inside information for personal gain is simply not acceptable.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead


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